Monday, June 17, 2013

Photographers join self-publishing revolution

How photographers joined the self-publishing revolution | Art and design | The Observer: " . . . Enter Bruno Ceschel, who started the Self Publish, Be Happy website in 2010, with the aim of "celebrating, studying and promoting self-published photobooks through events, publications and online exposure". Since then, SPBH has become a hub for aspiring photographers and artists . . . Ceschel is keen to stress that they are not primarily a publisher, more a platform for self-publishing. "People send us their work," he told me recently, "then we choose what we like and put it up on the site with all the details of how it was made, where it was printed, how much it costs and how to order a copy . . . self-publishing seems like an outgrowth of the 'zine culture that has long flourished around the indie music and skateboard scenes. It is, says Ceschel, all about "thinking and creating outside the mainstream model of publishing, which most young photographers cannot afford or simply don't want to get involved with because it doesn't fit their way of working". In an age when the alternatives to mainstream publishing are increasingly affordable and creatively liberating, self-published photography in all its different forms may yet become the norm. Read interviews with three self-publishing photographers here"

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